Tencent money through the test version of the online account limit deposit 8000 yuan a day does not

Tencent CAITONG test on-line account limit deposit 8000 yuan a day does not exceed one million

NetEase Francisco January 16th news, yesterday evening, Tencent WeChat edition balance treasure CAITONG beta quietly on the line, the 7 day annualized yield of 6.4350%, demand deposits equivalent to more than 16 times, in the stage of trial operation in daily limit to less than 8000 yuan.

funds deposited free of charge

CAITONG rely on WeChat, located in WeChat’s my bank card section, the main mobile platform, so it can not buy through the PC platform caitong. read more

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Circle sharing site Spling was $400 thousand round of investment A

December 6th news, according to foreign media reports, DreamIt Ventures business incubator program for the new graduates Spling successfully completed A round of financing $400 thousand. The round of financing led by Deep Fork capital, other participants also includes a number of Wall Street angel investors.


Spling is a new show in the big family of social sharing. Users log on to the company’s Web site and associated with their own Facebook or Twitter account, you can achieve a link with friends to share content. read more

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Network transmission Taobao dual 11 start Hawkeye brush single official denied.

news September 30th, the day before, there is news that Taobao is hard brush and meet the double 11, has launched a program called "special rectification plan hawkeye. But the news was soon officially denied.

we noticed that about "Hawkeye" rumors of micro-blog, WeChat in the circle of friends circulated a lot. That said, the recent Taobao will start operation, monitors and had had a single brush brush orders. A remark, "Taobao sellers into paranoia".


, a former Taobao small kind of full building in their micro-blog and Taobao have responded that internal verification, the message is not accurate. Subsequently, there are sellers to Tmall, Taobao, search and other departments to verify, but also get a negative answer. read more

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Do fashion polanwang not easy to waste collection site said of an aged person

a number of college students founded the waste network in a unique way to promote.  

the new network in Zhejiang on 5 June, with waste collection, most people will immediately associate the worn tricycle, shouting in a small alley "polanwang". Since 4 years ago China appeared first "waste collection network", in the past 2 years, there have been new waste collection online line, young, highly educated fashionable polanwang, subverting the traditional ideas of people, more and more people began to accept this convenient collection of waste. read more

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nternal sources said 360 navigation intends to acquire the 2345 navigation

reported that the 360 is to purchase 2345 navigation

[Sohu IT news] (small Rui) April 17th news, according to insiders, 360 navigation intends to acquire the 2345 site navigation, the two sides are negotiating, the final results have not yet been determined.

with 360 Baidu in the search field and the escalation of competition, site navigation has become a hotly contested spot. For 360, the site navigation is an important source of traffic for its search, if you can get the bag in the income of 2345, help to improve the market share of the 360 search. read more

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F group and Peng merge holding a hot new GroupNet domain name

F group announced at sina micro-blog, the company officially changed its name to "Beijing Wangluo life science and technology limited company" English named GroupNet, and merged with Groupon, the new company will become a "one-stop multi platform" group purchase enterprises. For a time, the new company’s domain name became the focus.

according to the whois query, English name domain name: groupnet.com/cn/com.cn/net have been registered, and domain name groupnet.com was first registered in August 1997, has 15 years of registration history. Only the domain name groupnet.com.cn held by the F group, other domain names are in the hands of domain name investors. read more

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The nternet open platform a spring or a trap

grassroots entrepreneurs to usher in the spring or trap

Shanda, Tencent, Taobao, Thousand Oaks, Baidu…… The Internet Co, which dominate their respective fields, now have a more similar strategic goal: an open platform. Even after apple, Google, YAHOO is also preparing for the open platform for Chinese developers. The industry is also open to the platform for a piece of praise, but it will be likened to grassroots entrepreneurs in the spring".

open platform bigwigs make a clarion call: come on, give you wealth. Tens of thousands of developers to race before the race, but the presence of the front or to consider the three question: so many open platform, choose who can earn more money? read more

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