Four good habits can stimulate your creativity

is now an era of creativity, creative things and ideas more valuable, many entrepreneurs want to develop their own creative thinking. We should regard innovation as a daily habit, just as we should do everything well. We have summed up a lot of entrepreneurs, researchers and creative workers who are worth learning from the common characteristics of innovation, to help stimulate creativity:

1, a quarterly vacation

VCs Brad  Feld  every three months to arrange a week vacation time:

"each quarter I would give myself a week away from the network, this is the most effective thing I ever did. My wife and I set out for a place on Saturday, and I don’t have a computer with me, and I’ll give her my cell phone at the airport. By the time we get home from our holiday next Saturday, my wife will give it back to me. Usually we go to some light and pleasant places instead of staying at home. All the time on the trip I used to relax and accompany my wife. On vacation, I usually read a book every day, talk to my wife, arrange a lot of adult entertainment, sleep late every day. No matter what time to come back, I am always refreshed." read more

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What are the basic flow of tea shop

open milk tea shop is a small investment projects, but want to do a good project also need to do a good job in all aspects of the preparatory work. The following small series with you to analyze the specific process is what kind of. If you want to learn how to open a tea shop, then come and see.

/ step method

read more

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Ali crack down on false transactions continued small sellers mention 8 conditions taken away by the

Ali big sellers were besieged: the police involved in the sale of eight small sellers conditions

[TechWeb] on December 9th news reports, "Ali against false trading action" based on dissatisfaction, small sellers to launch malicious attacks Tmall group, the big seller event is continuing fermentation, yesterday, small sellers clearly put forward eight "truce" conditions. The media reported that the incident has been involved in the police, the seller has been the leader of the siege of small sellers have been taken away by the police. read more

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nternet dissemination of pirated works were sentenced to 50 thousand sentences

, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security issued before the day "on the handling of criminal cases of infringement of the law applicable to a number of intellectual property rights", the applicable law in criminal cases of infringement of intellectual property rights are clear. State Council Information Office held a press conference on January 11th, the introduction of the relevant circumstances.

the "opinions" a total of sixteen, in recent years, the public security organs, people’s procuratorates and people’s courts in handling criminal cases of infringing intellectual property in the new situation and new problems, to further clarify the jurisdiction of criminal cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, collecting and obtaining evidence of the effectiveness, how to identify the crime of copyright infringement "for profit for the purpose of" 7 problems. read more

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Adsense network broadcast was acquired by Tencent Rumors that 58 city afraid

1 why Tencent acquisition domain way so tortuous  

news April 13th, today exposed a heavy message, the domain name changed to eight digit in today, the domain name has jump 9 seconds community. According to the whois information has been basically follow it, sure that the buyer is Tencent Inc.

by the finding that belongs to, the current domain name for the acquisition of Qinglong figure Network Technology Co. Ltd., a WeChat development community, and corporate shareholders in Qinglong figure is Shenzhen City Tong Industrial Investment Fund Limited, the relevant sources, the investment company is an investment company controlled by Tencent. Why Tencent in such a tortuous way to acquire domain name read more

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Beijing three people the strategy to improve the online conversion rate of the ten

build trust level:

1 shows complete contact information

consumers always want to get quality assurance when shopping, and ensure that the website they buy is formal and trustworthy. Therefore, the site should include complete contact information, which can improve the level of trust.

2 places your site’s privacy statement in a prominent position

although 99.9% of consumers will not take the time to read your privacy statement, but in fact it exists to increase the credibility of the site. read more

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The first phase of our bidding Wangzhuan station network training

web promotion is a very important communication strategy in Baidu search engine marketing. Baidu union is 60 ten thousand high-quality website alliance, membership site resources abundant, contains a comprehensive portal and 25 sectors of the outstanding representatives of the site; Baidu union technology has advanced directional, through the natural attribute of target users (regional, gender), long-term interests and short-term specific behavior (search and browse behavior) data analysis, which can help the enterprises to the main target population, when the target users to browse the network alliance alliance site, will be fixed, patch, suspension and other forms of business promotion information to show users. read more

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Car reviews net experience franchisee Dumen complaints no official response

May 30th news according to informed users to DoNews broke the news that 30 noon, claiming to have joined the site car reviews Baidu’s pull protest banners in the vicinity of Zhongguancun electronic building, on-site protests of car reviews is not reasonable to join the system, the car no official comment any response.

, according to friends broke the news that the protest site is composed of a few car Comments Network Alliance System dissatisfaction with the franchisee, at the scene holding protest banners marked the "car Comments Network abuses substation, XGO substation will soon lose the burn the bridge after crossing it," and "car reviews, who joined. Who lost the light and impassioned slogans. read more

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Google CEO said it would work with the Chinese government to reach a solution

according to foreign media reports, Google CEO Eric ·, March 10th, said, Google is actively negotiating with the Chinese government, is expected to soon reach a solution with the Chinese government.

Schmidt declined to give more details and the timetable for the negotiations, saying only that "there will be some progress soon". He said that the negotiations between Google and the Chinese government, does not involve U.S. officials. However, an official said on Saturday that the Chinese government has no direct contact with Google. read more

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nterpretation of the NetEase electricity supplier strategy this cross-border electricity supplier

in the eyes of the outside world, NetEase may be a portal, perhaps a game company, but now it is trying to paste the label for the electricity supplier.

China look around the Internet, almost all big companies have their level of electricity providers, Tencent, Baidu, music video and millet are all true. However, different from other companies, NetEase has been focused on the products of the company in the eyes of the outside world, with fashionable words "artisan spirit", Ding Lei was also frequently viewed as "conservative" entrepreneurs. For the electricity supplier has long been stirred into the Red Sea area, NetEase does not even need to say there is no reason to get involved. read more

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Tencent money through the test version of the online account limit deposit 8000 yuan a day does not

Tencent CAITONG test on-line account limit deposit 8000 yuan a day does not exceed one million

NetEase Francisco January 16th news, yesterday evening, Tencent WeChat edition balance treasure CAITONG beta quietly on the line, the 7 day annualized yield of 6.4350%, demand deposits equivalent to more than 16 times, in the stage of trial operation in daily limit to less than 8000 yuan.

funds deposited free of charge

CAITONG rely on WeChat, located in WeChat’s my bank card section, the main mobile platform, so it can not buy through the PC platform caitong. read more

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Circle sharing site Spling was $400 thousand round of investment A

December 6th news, according to foreign media reports, DreamIt Ventures business incubator program for the new graduates Spling successfully completed A round of financing $400 thousand. The round of financing led by Deep Fork capital, other participants also includes a number of Wall Street angel investors.


Spling is a new show in the big family of social sharing. Users log on to the company’s Web site and associated with their own Facebook or Twitter account, you can achieve a link with friends to share content. read more

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Network transmission Taobao dual 11 start Hawkeye brush single official denied.

news September 30th, the day before, there is news that Taobao is hard brush and meet the double 11, has launched a program called "special rectification plan hawkeye. But the news was soon officially denied.

we noticed that about "Hawkeye" rumors of micro-blog, WeChat in the circle of friends circulated a lot. That said, the recent Taobao will start operation, monitors and had had a single brush brush orders. A remark, "Taobao sellers into paranoia".


, a former Taobao small kind of full building in their micro-blog and Taobao have responded that internal verification, the message is not accurate. Subsequently, there are sellers to Tmall, Taobao, search and other departments to verify, but also get a negative answer. read more

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Do fashion polanwang not easy to waste collection site said of an aged person

a number of college students founded the waste network in a unique way to promote.  

the new network in Zhejiang on 5 June, with waste collection, most people will immediately associate the worn tricycle, shouting in a small alley "polanwang". Since 4 years ago China appeared first "waste collection network", in the past 2 years, there have been new waste collection online line, young, highly educated fashionable polanwang, subverting the traditional ideas of people, more and more people began to accept this convenient collection of waste. read more

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nternal sources said 360 navigation intends to acquire the 2345 navigation

reported that the 360 is to purchase 2345 navigation

[Sohu IT news] (small Rui) April 17th news, according to insiders, 360 navigation intends to acquire the 2345 site navigation, the two sides are negotiating, the final results have not yet been determined.

with 360 Baidu in the search field and the escalation of competition, site navigation has become a hotly contested spot. For 360, the site navigation is an important source of traffic for its search, if you can get the bag in the income of 2345, help to improve the market share of the 360 search. read more

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F group and Peng merge holding a hot new GroupNet domain name

F group announced at sina micro-blog, the company officially changed its name to "Beijing Wangluo life science and technology limited company" English named GroupNet, and merged with Groupon, the new company will become a "one-stop multi platform" group purchase enterprises. For a time, the new company’s domain name became the focus.

according to the whois query, English name domain name: have been registered, and domain name was first registered in August 1997, has 15 years of registration history. Only the domain name held by the F group, other domain names are in the hands of domain name investors. read more

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The nternet open platform a spring or a trap

grassroots entrepreneurs to usher in the spring or trap

Shanda, Tencent, Taobao, Thousand Oaks, Baidu…… The Internet Co, which dominate their respective fields, now have a more similar strategic goal: an open platform. Even after apple, Google, YAHOO is also preparing for the open platform for Chinese developers. The industry is also open to the platform for a piece of praise, but it will be likened to grassroots entrepreneurs in the spring".

open platform bigwigs make a clarion call: come on, give you wealth. Tens of thousands of developers to race before the race, but the presence of the front or to consider the three question: so many open platform, choose who can earn more money? read more

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