Personal webmaster website article must be out of the spell


personal recommendation, if you are a small webmaster, your website weight is not high enough, then you only need to update every day whatever the number of articles, taking the quality first. "Jump out rate is low, the high rate of return" standard to do better. But if your site is comparable with the web site, the article basically included, the long tail basic ranking. You can open a large increase in the number of false original article to get more long tail traffic.

the number of words for read more

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Content editing and the chain construction of bidirectional optimization

1 for the major search engines, the directory station is undoubtedly the fastest way to get the high quality of the chain, and the chain survival period is also good. Need to pay attention to is to should choose the appropriate directory directory in the station, a lot of garbage station to rise rapidly, Shanghai dragon -er caution needs.

8, the content of the end, the "reminder" ultimately, by reminding can not only promote the brand, this is perhaps that can bring a lot of benefits. read more

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A junior high school student after 80, Taobao entrepreneurial cheated feeling promotion is Taobao gu

make money is almost every webmaster dream, especially Taobao guest stationmaster, the purpose is more obvious. In order to achieve this goal, it is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea gexianshentong. Today I would like to make liberty rebate network as an example and friends discuss together play an important role in the promotion of guest website in Taobao.

Taobao customer promotion is not a temporary meeting, it is a long-term project. How can I be in a hurry?. One of my friends doing so to promote liberty rebate network, did not start with , he is quite good original soft Wen promotion, a month, included, IP, even the ranking has improved significantly, but is not a single business, was very distressed. I let him use promotion, a week later, although IP has nothing to change, but he has developed 41 members, Taobao clinch 11, the mall clinch 4. That’s the power of . read more

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nternet entrepreneurs second articles — participants in the innovation and entrepreneurship proces

second, that is, adhere to the psychological.

this article belongs to the "Internet enterprise entrepreneurs" series of articles, aims to introduce a set of Internet entrepreneurs on reverse investors, entrepreneurship, construction, exit Internet companies the best way.


understand how far the entrepreneurial theme differs from the entrepreneur. If SerialEntrepreneurs’s entrepreneurial theme turns from auto parts to skin care, they are not serial entrepreneurs – just "opportunity entrepreneurs," and "trend chaser.". They heard someone at a charity ball or "cool", said there’s a chance to make quick money, want to use this opportunity to profit. On the other hand, if they do have a lot of successful & successful entrepreneurial experiences – especially within the same universal industry – should be taken seriously. read more

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Halfway out of school, K, Baidu, do web site

this article can not be said to be the experience, the function is a little of my experience.

I learned computers and dropped out of college without graduation. So I spent two years in Beijing and didn’t mix anything up. In Beijing, the main thing is to do the programming work, which is neither too good nor too bad. Two years later, I started my first website with a CMS program I wrote myself.

did not have the experience of standing by himself at that time, and there was no friend in this respect. This is my flawed, in fact do website friends is very important. ). Everything is my own way, but I have relatively long experience in development. So I’m still lucky compared to my non professional friends. read more

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Wang Zhun enterprise website is the most effective network promotion method

enterprise website most effective network promotion channel has:

1, SEO (search engine optimization)

2, search engine promotion,

, 3, Alibaba and other B2B trading platform to promote

4, using

engine, help business publication business express information publishing software

5, related forums, blog, post bar, Q & A on the platform, such as promotion,

one, first, search engine optimization:

search engine optimization is a multi page product. It’s the best way to get traffic free of charge when you start the first step you need to do when you can access it. SEO is the best way to get traffic free. read more

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How to manage the staff of cosmetics chain store

cosmetic chain store business is largely determined by the sales staff, excellent staff can drive sales rise, and unqualified employees will even affect the reputation of your store. So for the cosmetics stores entrepreneurs, for employees to develop and to implement a strict system of rewards and penalties.

how quantitative, for example, full attendence award, month holiday season vacation, year vacation, reward layer increased. For example, a late, ten minutes, the number of buckle, half an hour how much deduction, how many times to leave early, how many times to ask for a deduction, etc.. read more

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What are the business skills of retail promotion

do a promotion business often requires us to be able to grasp more business skills, so that the promotion will be better, so that the store’s operating performance is better, and then earn a higher profit return. However, this business skills in the end what, which has become plagued by numerous retail households a big trouble. So, do a good job in retail sales management skills?

as the saying goes: do business promotion to the hearts and minds, it is. Who provides the most perfect, who is the most credible, who can become the first choice for customers to buy goods. Therefore, to open the store to read psychology, do not fight the battle unprepared, but also targeted to do a good job in preparation for sale. Whether it is a big shopping mall, or whether it is to sell the house business with a small capital, or sell, department stores, a magic weapon is the customer’s psychological control in their own hands, psychological strategy achievements wonderful life, money is king! Shopping malls such as the battlefield, psychological warfare in business almost everywhere. read more

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The story of how to join the tea shop selected tea tea

do you know the market demand for milk tea? Don’t you wonder why such a small tea shop will be able to see all kinds of tea shops in the shopping mall. Don’t look at the tea shop is small, but the tea market big surprise, according to incomplete statistics, almost every 10 seconds have a cup of tea is consumed, so venture capital of a tea shop will be a good choice. Tea story is Hunan long run Trading Co., Ltd. under the super brand, tea tea tea chain stores to provide consumers with a more healthy, more dynamic and special drinks. Therefore, in recent years, the momentum is increasingly fierce tea story. read more

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Clothing store sales tips

a lot of people are very optimistic about the clothing industry, which is an evergreen project can be evergreen, so more and more entrepreneurs sought after. So, open a clothing store, to improve performance, do you know what sales tips? Today, with the small series to see it!


command statement refers to the speaker only consider their own personal opinion, and not willing to consult others, they forced others to do sth; request statement is in respect of each other on the basis of using the attitude of negotiation request others to do sth.. read more

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Xining for two consecutive months out of air quality

Summer in Xining, the cool climate, beautiful scenery so that foreign tourists greatly appreciated, the sky that blue Xining blue has become the most beautiful scenery in the eyes of tourists. August 3rd, the reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in July the city’s air quality after the harvest again in June, the air quality excellent rate of 100%.

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Xiping high speed reproduction of beautiful scenery in the future will be two outdoor billboards set

"originally in Xiping expressway, State Road 109 along the gap a little, there are billboards six or seven different styles".

some billboards worn, the wind blows, wobbly, is a potential threat to passing vehicles".

"some billboard is not standard, blocking the original road signs, may let the driver go wrong".

"before, from caojiabao airport, most billboards will see the lack of unified planning, the beautiful scenery of the Xining mountains, blue sky, flowers and trees constitute, these construction standards are not a sign advertising a ‘trouble’, a little discount". read more

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See how marketers sell combs to monks

said comb, many people think of first are certainly the long hair fluttering, think of the beautiful long hair, but today, for you to not long hair, but the monk, selling the combs to monks, try together to learn!

has four marketing staff received a mission to find the monk sell temple comb.

the first sale member empty handed, said the temple, the monk said no hair need not comb, so one is not sold.

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U ten brand list

The development of

era for a variety of electronic products with people’s lives, to the lives of many people brings convenient, but u is such a kind of electronic products. The full name of U disc, USB flash disk, English name "USB flash disk". It is a kind of USB interface without the physical drive of the micro high capacity mobile storage products, through the USB interface and the computer connection, plug and play. Then, U disk which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone secret disk ten brands list. read more

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Four good habits can stimulate your creativity

is now an era of creativity, creative things and ideas more valuable, many entrepreneurs want to develop their own creative thinking. We should regard innovation as a daily habit, just as we should do everything well. We have summed up a lot of entrepreneurs, researchers and creative workers who are worth learning from the common characteristics of innovation, to help stimulate creativity:

1, a quarterly vacation

VCs Brad  Feld  every three months to arrange a week vacation time:

"each quarter I would give myself a week away from the network, this is the most effective thing I ever did. My wife and I set out for a place on Saturday, and I don’t have a computer with me, and I’ll give her my cell phone at the airport. By the time we get home from our holiday next Saturday, my wife will give it back to me. Usually we go to some light and pleasant places instead of staying at home. All the time on the trip I used to relax and accompany my wife. On vacation, I usually read a book every day, talk to my wife, arrange a lot of adult entertainment, sleep late every day. No matter what time to come back, I am always refreshed." read more

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