Municipal Bureau of Commerce held a forum on Trade and circulation

To understand the flow of Commerce in 2011 the city’s economic situation, trade work plan for next year, December 9th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the Xining city commerce forum, four district three County Bureau of Commerce and 24 key commercial enterprises to participate in the ForumTo understand the

in 2011 the city’s commercial circulation economy, trade work plan for next year, December 9th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the Xining city commerce forum, four district three County Bureau of Commerce and 24 key commercial enterprises to participate in the forum. read more

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The Range Rover beauty of Qinghai played lithium by third ring Qinghai Lake (nternational) electric

drift, virtuoso, climbing strength competition; summer, grasslands, snow capped mountains, a good scenery.

3 day schedule, Beiqi new energy EU260, Zotye E200, Daimler BYD new energy proton potential of electric vehicle raid 981 kilometers, through the 12 stages of the ordeal, leaving the "The Legendary Swordsman" reputation in the world.

the 3 day of the range rover, also let the "beauty of Qinghai" cool urban wind, bibowanqing Qinghai Lake, blue lofty grand landscape, a new interpretation of the Qinghai practice of green development, green life, green journey "pure journey in a magnificent stage on the winding". read more

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The implementation scheme of the project of PM2.5 analysis of atmospheric particulate matter in Xini

recently, chaired by the provincial Environmental Protection Department of Xining atmospheric particulate matter PM2.5 source apportionment project implementation plan through expert demonstration. The project will be combined with the main characteristics of the emission source and control technology research and source apportionment results, put forward the implementation of the Xining particulate matter standards, the establishment of the concentration of particulate matter reached the key control technology system. read more

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Network TV box ten brands list

since the opening of the network TV, naturally need network TV box. However, this market can now provide service brand is also very much, because of this, many people are in the tangle how to buy a TV box, but has yet to start buying the box, because a lot of people do not understand this box, what kind of box? What brand cost-effective? The box on the market box variety, the brand is also so brightly coloured here, to introduce the network TV box ten brands list, so that we can have a full understanding of the box ring. read more

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Where to open a cold drink shop

summer, cold drink shop business began to enter the season, entrepreneurs take advantage of this opportunity to open a cold drink shop is quite good. So cold drinks store where to open it? Here are some guidelines for reference, may help entrepreneurs quickly find wealth treasure.

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Hunan new ideas to support migrant workers return home Entrepreneurship

after the new year’s day, the spring of 2016 will begin, the majority of migrant workers will be the end of the year working career, set foot on the return journey. In order to support migrant workers home business, Hunan province released the latest comments on the day before, a number of entrepreneurship policy support to help migrant workers faster and better go on the road of entrepreneurship.

12 28 September, the office of the Hunan provincial government issued the "opinions" of migrant workers and other personnel support home business, for migrant workers in our province and sent a number of farmer entrepreneurs entrepreneurship policy envelopes". read more

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The people of Dazhou to the disabled subsidies

in the community, there is such a group of people, they have the same as we have a sound mind, but due to various causes of physical defects. It is necessary to give them more care in a timely manner! So, Dazhou for the disabled, how to do a good job of subsidies?

this year, Dazhou has taken three initiatives to do a good job in the work of the disabled subsidies for the issuance of two. First, strengthen sectoral collaboration. The establishment of the working mechanism of "government leadership, coordination, and civil affairs led CDPF departments, social participation, civil affairs, finance, the two subsidies for disabled persons federations jointly qualification examination, subsidies and supervision and management work. read more

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2013 some of the potential entrepreneurial projects

choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects in order to compete in today’s fierce, to find their own wealth of light. So, below, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few potential entrepreneurial projects.

advantages: fashion, colorful, easy to attract the attention of consumers, not only practical, can also be worn as ornaments. With a key 5 minutes, training for three hours that can master.

recommended items; crystal flower production sales of

advantages: water washing equipment per hour water 1.5-2, only with electricity, a water treatment cost of about 0.4 yuan, can wash 20 about cars, each car costs only 0.08 yuan. Remove all kinds of cost, the monthly net profit of 8000 yuan or so, the cost can be recovered in 6 months.

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Join dessert shop which business tips

        dessert store can be seen everywhere, the business is getting more and more fire, we can see the current people’s standard of living as old as possible, join the dessert shop which business tips? Let us know more about.

        skill one: the formulation of menu content. Menu content is important for kitchen production and customer choice. Customers can not afford to take the menu did not know that the product is good, but also can not let the kitchen look at the menu do not know how to prepare raw materials. A good menu can directly reflect the level of a restaurant and management level, but also affect the efficiency of the entire kitchen production and operation. read more

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After 90 college students to pay back to the village

now college students entrepreneurship has become very common, and in each year in the whole society will appear a lot of college students entrepreneurs, then say the entrepreneur, he is a successful student entrepreneurs.

in Yongsheng Dazhu County of Sichuan province township Maliu village, a college student named Wang Mingdong. The chicken in this business, he had now worked hard hard, full of sound and colour. In August 4th, the author braved the heat into the village of Liu Liu group of Wang Mingdong’s home. "Look for something, I will do!" In the chat, a readily he told reporters, "I have deep feelings of home, want to put their knowledge into full play, led the villagers to get rich." read more

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Portal micro-blog war has been off Ma Huateng, Ding Lei did not play, and will continue to when Zhan

this is not surprising, following the withdrawal of micro-blog Tencent business, NetEase is also announced the closure of micro-blog business.

according to NetEase micro-blog page shows that they are to remind users to migrate to micro-blog LOFTER data (NetEase light blog) to save the original micro-blog content. This means that micro-blog will completely shut down.

users want to God on the NetEase the NetEase known, micro-blog closed nature is not to be missed. NetEase micro-blog recently launched "my NetEase and micro-blog these years" topic, NetEase users said "this is the first micro-blog I registered since the last one is micro-blog, heard to shut down, to take a bubble, NetEase, micro-blog, goodbye!" read more

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Nora 260 million tickets officially opened overdue payment of about $7 million 800 thousand

every reporter Bai Yajing from Shenzhen

yesterday (June 26th) afternoon, the administrative penalty decision (hereinafter referred to as the decision) was officially sent to Nora headquarters in Shenzhen, 260 million yuan ticket immediate effect. This means that the domestic history of the disposal of the biggest ticket infringement officially opened in January after the uproar. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, behind this huge fines, not only countries punish piracy factors, but also the looming online video industry "encirclement and suppression" situation. read more

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The rapid expansion of online trading channels art refers to the high risk of fakes

Guangzhou local antique market

The new

trading platform is a double-edged sword is convenient but like "buy a pig in a poke."

"Xinhua store during the trial operation, invites you to open the basic level of permanent free membership, the sale of collections." Recently, the reporter received a letter of Xinhua net advertising, advertising said: "you can also apply to become a forum moderator, launched online activities more fully. Buy platform: if you have the right to buy the collection, we very much hope that you can become our suppliers. Mall platform: if you are a corporate identity, you can also become our mall partner." In fact, this website is not only art, as the art market is hot, the speed of art channel sales network expansion is soon be struck dumb. read more

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Volume leather mesh Transformation logo light pink dress at age class, support small and medium-size

Abstract: in today’s business, the majority of businesses are beginning to choose segments, such as attention to maternal honey bud baby, babe network, attention to young clothing clearly street, beauty said, etc……. In the field of electricity supplier rookie endless.

believes that a lot of people for the impression of the volume or the green volume discount LOGO, but for the discount electricity supplier this label, roll skin network also began to weaken it.

rolling network was established in 2012, is when the electricity supplier war hit the most fiery, but with white brand discount sales model, volume leather mesh way development smoothly, and in December 2014 got from Saif B $35 million round of financing in asia. read more

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Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (11.3-11.9)

            interview 265G resolutely: advertising revenue of 100 thousand yuan on the web game station profit

                resolutely, I really want to know how 265g is one step closer to becoming the first web game portal for the development of to introduce it: good?. is one of the earliest professional website for the professional web game portal, website has been two years, our team after a period of time, we have established a good reputation among manufacturers in the web game and game player, this information, we are in the forefront of all sites. And have been Baidu and GOOGLE news sources included, become the news source, 265G station, the growing influence, now Baidu and GOOGLE according to the latest data shows that in the web game station first. read more

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Both legs paraplegia youth entrepreneurship network promotion earning thousands

wheelchair wonderful: network promotion earning thousands of

is a computer as a tool, a blog for Pathfinder 29 – legs paraplegic young disabled Peng Hongwei, now not only earning thousands of dollars more to lead a disabled team on the road of the business, to the depth of the network to promote the industry forward.

China’s network promotion industry is said to be emerging in 5 years ago, the current national practitioners tens of thousands. But, like Peng Hongwei, composed by the disabled promotion team, in the network marketing team is really very rare. read more

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Gang stealing mobile phone mail list 20 million principal sentenced to three and a half years

executive Yang Xiaohui et al by technical personnel to develop a "silent plug-in", for smuggled goods Android smart mobile phone brush quietly after implantation, to mobile phone users unknowingly push the development of software, software developers to earn commissions. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, the gang of 10 by the Chaoyang Court of first instance to illegal access to computer information system data, illegal control of computer information system crime sentenced, principal Yang Xiaohui was sentenced to 3 and a half years, and fined 50 thousand yuan. read more

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Each other accused of tampering with the browser to upgrade the conflict between 360 and Sogou

Sogou Sogou with the Tencent, the search area of the original situation has changed, the browser and the browser war between 360 and the outbreak of the rapid escalation of the past few days. First, Sogou announced, 360 in the Mid Autumn Festival Sogou browser users to change the default, then the 360 accused Sogou input method to induce the existence of a binding Sogou browser suspects. Yesterday, the two sides, word war upgrade again. 360 security guards official micro-blog in the form of video Sogou browser accused of alleged binding bound notary. Until 9 last night when the reporter writing, Sogou has yet to respond to the so-called video evidence 360. read more

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