WiFi Baby Turns iPhone or iPad into Monitor

first_imgEvery new parent needs a baby monitor, but many offer static-y images or distance limitations. WiFi Baby 3G has come along, however, promising to solve all that. You can use this monitor to stream interference-free video and audio to a Windows or Mac PC, an iPhone, or an iPad. The device is both a camera and computer: it creates a password-protected wireless Internet connection to any compatible device on the home network.WiFi Baby promises a simple setup. With a few adjustments it will also allow for viewing outside of the user’s home network. This means is can also be used as a nanny cam or security cam. There are no monthly fees for remote access. The cam offers night vision, motion detection, and an on-screen clock to assure parents that they’re watching a current video stream. It sells for $279 from the company site. AdChoices广告last_img