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Maryland, “Perhaps we can attenuate the Zika virus by using the same deletions of the same sites,K. is putting the Zika surface protein into harmless chimpanzee adenoviruses which serve as a “vector” —an approach similar to one used in GlaxoSmithKline’s Ebola vaccine which was tested during the West African epidemic Vaccinemakers Protein Sciences of Meriden Connecticut and Hawaii Biotech of Honolulu—which both specialize in producing viral proteins in insect cell lines—also have projects underway Predicting when a vaccine will come to market is a mug’s game but NIAID’s Fauci thinks animal studies could be completed in a few months and small human studies to evaluate safety and immune responses could begin by the end of 2016 Even if a promising candidate surfaces large-scale efficacy trials are probably years away he says Getting a vaccine approved and supplying millions of doses could take the resources of a major manufacturer Of the four big pharma companies that make vaccines only Sanofi Pasteur of Lyon France—which produces all three existing flavivirus vaccines—has launched a Zika program though the others say they are watching the field closely As a stopgap measure for pregnant women Kalil says Butantan hopes to produce a protective serum which the institute already makes for several diseases by injecting Zika virus into horses and harvesting the antibodies the animals make “This would take a little over a year” Kalil says “That’s the best timeline—if you’re very very optimistic” 2017 4:33 pm Oxidative stress and inflammation increase with ageing and are thought to play an important role in the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease Top News Chocoholics, And Holi remains that universal world that dispenses with social conventions, And science historian J? “This is a whole different way of looking at trigonometry, They also noted that a sentence indicating that the images were derived from triple immunohistochemistry was deleted from the original manuscript to save space. At the end of their note, “If these scrape marks are really what the authors say they are.

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