The reason the rich richer and the poor poorer worth a look

rich and poor in every age, the rich richer and the poor poorer, this phenomenon in every country will appear. Unfortunately, the rich wealth is not more than and 100 years ago, "the Gilded Age" the "robber barons" ancestors that stole, but not as rich as ancient and modern means of power.

and wealth to enhance the degree of concentration, is fundamentally a product of the market and technology innovation, which makes any form of "Robin Hood", no longer has the morals that natural past. read more

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Now you can join a pedicure shop

a lot of people have seen the current hot investment market, so he would also like to enter into this market. However, the hot market does not mean that investors have achieved profitability, but also does not mean that now can be successfully entered into the venture capital market. So, now you can join a pedicure shop?

I chose a headquarters in Nanjing foot chain, roughly 150 thousand yuan to join the fee, including the use of the brand, part of the equipment, shop guidance, etc.. If coupled with my rent rent (one year), renovation costs, equipment costs, shop publicity, other expenses, about 500 thousand yuan. I did not come into contact with the heart is not the end, not sure, I would like to ask the teacher to help get an idea. read more

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What is the bottom of the sea fishing pot made of

sea bottom material is made of what? This article for you to introduce in detail on the bottom of the sea fishing pot material knowledge. An Hot pot I think everyone is more love to eat, Hot pot is a popular way of eating, Hot pot origin is originally a way to facilitate the invention, but later it was discovered that this way of eating is not only convenient and taste good, so is the spread, has now become the Hot pot speaking, I think the most important is Hot pot bottom material, the base material directly affects the Hot pot flavor, the following is to introduce some related contents about Haidilao Hot pot bottom material. This kind of material is very famous, we can come to know in detail. read more

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Join have pock hot and dry noodles what conditions need

Hot and dry noodles

characteristics of the five major brands in the China pasta is a very popular, noodles soft collocation exquisite special sauces, let people eat a lead a person to endless aftertastes. Hot and dry noodles is Hubei province Wuhan City Han special snack, originally is the characteristic of Wuhan delicacy, many places in Hubei are very popular. With the increase in population in Hubei and other provinces, Wuhan is hot and dry noodles in many places to see, is one of the many people love the pasta. read more

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Underwear store to join the five traps

more and more consumers are aware of the importance of underwear, so demand will increase. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Enough money, it is good to open a lingerie shop. So, how to open underwear shop? The following is the underwear store to join the five traps, presumably you will be prompted to shop, look at it!

, the underwear industry some businesses do not accept initial fee, only charge fees to use the brand, or brand maintenance, in fact, brand royalties or maintenance fee is a franchise fee, just a superficial reform disguised cheat franchisee trick, individual brand may return the maintenance fee, but must complete the task only you can return to the franchisee is not possible to complete the task. read more

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The factors that should be paid attention to

as a general small grocery store, do business with a small capital, after the real beauty salon opened up, investment costs are generally not very low, so every aspect should be pay attention to, from the most basic site here we start the discussion, see if it should pay attention to what is known as the location for!

1, according to the consumer groups decide

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Shanxi introduction of new business venture

good social policy is the entrepreneurial activities to help boost the public around the business at the same time, also continue to strengthen the introduction of entrepreneurship policy recently in Shanxi launched a comprehensive and nearly 10 business deal.

8 the end of the month, "the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government on further improving the implementation of the views of" the employment work under the new situation, the introduction of the "gold content" full employment support deal with 5 parts of a total of 30, including the implementation of the strategy of giving priority to employment, promote entrepreneurship to employment, focus groups, strengthening employment services and employment occupation training. read more

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What needs to be done to prepare cosmetics store

before the opening of cosmetics stores, we have to do a lot of preparatory work, these preparations for our store business far-reaching, need to attract attention. What do you need to do to prepare for a cosmetics store? The following small series to introduce the preparation of cosmetics stores.


brand in the heart, to determine the selected mode of operation, purchase channels is guaranteed, then on the site. Cosmetics shop to choose business address, is very important, a good shop, your little store at least 60%. Cosmetics shop location can refer to the following: read more

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