Zhou Ning talk about the naming of local websites

often asks friends how to name their local websites. Recently, they have carefully collected the names of local websites and tabulate them as follows. I talk about the benefits and disadvantages of all kinds of names, is summed up all is not to generalize, as A good fortune exists beside the misfortune., a trickster who may say, has nothing to do with this article.

one, door type

even business, people will never forget the "military and political leaders rather a kind of peace, everything is to be against the government, and the media, hundreds of cities named after their local website. The benefits of doing so is to talk about business, because customers confused if, even scared Pigunniaoliu, so yes. The downside is, can you do so much for the sky? Do you have so much luck? Enze, one of the people, read more

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New site portal site three days experience

as the saying goes: Hearts planted, flowers do not open, inadvertently inserted Liu Liu shady.

I think it’s a good thing to say now.

opened a new place, the gate station (Chengdu knows) three days, the visit and popularity, I think it can also (mainly with a lot of friends support).

tell me something about it:

because the newly built station, search engines can not be included. So we have to rely on people,

1, the domain name can also be easy to remember. I feel. (www.ndfxy.net)

summary: domain name good to remember. Don’t worry too much. Often the first impression is better. (because I’ve been thinking about several domains, I’ve been asking a lot of friends and eventually registered the domain name of the first impression) read more

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New requirements for enterprise website operation from the media

introduction: a few days ago I went to apply for a traditional enterprise website SEO, the interviewer asked the first sentence is "you know from the media? Our company director SEO the first requirement is to master from the media".

from the development of the media for all to see, in the past, swept the webmaster circle of SEO blogs have changed from the media blog, from the media’s first batch of people are operators, bloggers, webmasters.

from the media how important? The core of a website is the content, now the Internet content provider is the first person from the media, who can draw people from the media live website, whose website content will be very rich, each big portal is to see this point, have opened since the media platform, Sohu Phoenix media, from the media, hundreds of Baidu, today’s headlines, as well as from the media blog to grassroots operation, since the development of the media around flowering, are from the media all over the mountains and plains of the shadow, especially visible from the importance of media. read more

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My small station from the site to the experience of money talks


website is to make money, I do from the beginning of the year before two years now, one is just graduated, do not know what the website construction, the feeling is quite deep. Will do very cattle, in the home town after graduation to find a job. Is the dream of the company from the network the website, the colleagues of the company are good, taught me by ASP program website, not wordy. Probably from the beginning of last year, set up their own website, now to introduce some of my personal experiences in Advertising: read more

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New sites do not understand technical sites can still make money

with the rapid popularization of the Internet, China’s websites have sprung up, and the ranks of grassroots have been increasing rapidly. Do stand, but the threshold of technology is getting lower and lower, and now the situation is, easy to build, but it is difficult to do a good job. How can we highlight ourselves and make ourselves successful in the site of this sea? In fact, as long as we are practical, it is not difficult. But the website program is not up to us to develop the domestic and foreign, there are many open source and free program available to us, we do stand in the early, there is no need to program changes and development two. read more

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Talk about my experience and income from my website for ten months

is now a bursting of the information era, the establishment of more and more low threshold, you even do not know what is HTML, you can also build their own own website, there are a lot of mature free online website system, as long as a finger on it, "the little mouse will be able to type to establish their own web site" in a few years ago or some web application developers advertising gimmick, today has become a reality!

is now a webmaster want to do almost no technical threshold, this also is the webmaster occupation of the Internet industry in the traditional industries, enduring! Attract people in the Internet business. Everfount! There is no technical threshold that means that there will be a lot of stationmaster rush hit so there. The "trash", many websites are collected by others reproduced articles or resources, which caused a lot of websites are seemingly, everyone in the copy each other, mutual poaching, the most important is the quality of some people that really can not say, look at the site to do good, than their website not on others, and malicious slander the reputation of others, the most even use DDoS CC the three means of abuse to malicious competition read more

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How to accurately check the number of backlinks

reverse link is also known as link popularity, it is the network in other sites on their own site cast votes; reverse link number, the more that the site has a very high value, more should be search engine and user attention. The search engine ranking algorithm has long been the number of backlinks calculated, and the absolute number of backlinks as an important reference value.

reverse link is one of the three major SEO strategy, its importance is self-evident, at the same time, an important part of the establishment of the reverse link is rich SEO, there are many ways to get backlinks, such as: linkbait, Links, network advertisement, site cooperation, we can see the establishment of the principle of "reverse link". read more

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How to use classified information platform to promote their products

online marketing approach, in addition to the website promotion, advertising information using the information release of the website, is also a good online marketing channels. The advertising effect city classified information website has attracted more and more attention. If the release of information well, can play to make full use of information resources platform website and maximize their advertising effect; at the same time through the information feedback to potential customers, released in the city classified information platform of information easily indexed by search engines, will improve their web traffic. Published by the classified information, carry out online sales promotion, advertising is a way of current worth a try. read more

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ChinaJoy Apocalypse hand travel P big bang, small companies will therefore be cleaned

I dark horse note: ChinaJoy on various companies, companies, in addition to competition, sister, the most important thing is to spell all kinds of IP. In almost no barrier hand travel industry, IP seems to be becoming a barrier – opportunities for smaller companies become less and less.

ChinaJoy this year is just like a lively IP (Intellectual Property, referred to as intellectual property rights) conference, the company Mobile Games almost every respected announced his plan IP.

network author Tang three homes less high-profile said, "I push a game to ensure that you earn over ten million a month", "you do my IP certainly can sovereignty, Ann is not losing money."". Not only the Tang three little, all of the industry chain, IP has good ready to back a group of potential game player, fans of their attributes will bring more revenue for the game, with the explosive growth of the market Mobile Games, IP reserves often determines a mobile phone game makers to compete. read more

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Baidu Hello, ruthless really, you are ruthless

ah ~ ~ · once I was a graduate students, for the Internet is what all don’t understand, come out to work slowly contact network, access to the Internet, let me know the Baidu search engine niubable, not strong Niubi, can only be regarded as the search more Niubi right who, if domestic, and easy to remember, do not understand the network that anyone can remember, will go to search. But as I slowly got into the Internet, I saw more and more Baidu’s vices and faces. Let’s talk about what you know: read more

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