Suddie Hospital’s theatre out of order

first_img– doctors say present conditions inhumane and riskyThe main operating theatre at the Suddie Public Hospital in Region TwoThe smaller theatre which is also unfit for surgical procedures(Pomeroon-Supenaam) was closed by the Hospital’s administration due to major electrical problems.Although fully equipped with modern machines, the facility has been branded ‘unsafe’ and ‘risky’, since there seems to be an electrical problem; medical practitioners have since refused to operate there.Consequently, a smaller theatre, which is situated on the bottom flat of the facility, had to be put into operation to facilitate surgeries; the small theatre, in the past, was only used to conduct amputations and minor surgeries.However, medical practitioners/surgeons are claiming that this area is also unsafe and unfit to perform major procedures.During a visit by Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Councillors on Tuesday, nurses, surgeons and doctors bitterly complained about the theatre, pointing to the risks to life and limb.One nurse related to the visiting team – which included Regional Vice Chairperson, Nandranie Coonjah, and Councillors Arnold Adams, Julian Cummings, Hardat Narine, Naithram, Show Kat Ali, and Brian Basil – that the current facility has major issues which includes a faulty operating table, faulty monitor, malfunctioning sterilisation machine and other poorly maintained equipment. She also noted that the operating room is not sealed properly due to a faulty door. Recently, a patient fell from the bed during surgery.The nurses and doctors are calling for urgent action, as lives are involved. Despite the existing conditions at the facility, five surgeries are conducted daily, which also includes emergency procedures. Medical practitioners are questioning their safety and that of their patients; adding that many have received minor electrical shock while using the facility.Chairman of the Regional Health and Sanitation Committee, Arnold Adams, assured that he would represent their interests at the next RDC meeting.last_img read more

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